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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Generation of Electrical Power



The most common method of generating electrical energy is by means of electric machines known as “Generators”.  Generators used to generate A.C. electrical power are also called “Alternators”.  These machines are essentially converters which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The mechanical energy required to turn on alternator is supplied by machines or devices called prime movers.  Alternator systems are generally named for their prime movers.

Sources of Energy

Selection of a particular type of power plant for an area depends on a number of factors like energy demand, availability of fuel, pollution standards and financial considerations.

Based on the requirement of fuel, energy sources- are broadly classified as renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources are considered to be available forever. Examples are hydro energy, solar energy, wind energy, wave energy etc. Non-renewable sources use some fuel like coal, which will be available for a limited period of time only.

Energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, tidal energy etc. are relatively new in bulk electricity- generation and therefore arc called non-conventional energy sources.


Detailed discussion of each type of source will be posted soon!
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