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Electrical Power Systems


Course Description

This course provides students with an understanding of electrical power generation, transmission distribution and power system protection. The course covers components of industrial utility power systems, voltage levels, types of transmission systems and their components, different electrical distribution systems, circuit breakers, various protection schemes and protective relays.

Practical circuits are analyzed to promote and strengthen the mathematical and analytical capabilities of the students, and to help them understand & apply their concepts in the design and implementation of electrical systems.

Text Book for the course: 

Electrical Machines Drives and Power System, Theodore Wildi, 6th Edition

Class Presentations

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to Power System

Lecture 1. Sources of Electrical Energy

Lecture 2. Comparison of Sources


Lecture Notes

Module 1. Electrical Power Generation

Lecture 1 - Sources of Electrical Energy

Lecture 2 - Comparison of Sources

Lecture 3 -

Lecture 4 - 

Module 2. Transmission and Distribution

Module 3. Power System Protection

Other Resources

Quiz Questions

Quiz 1

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Quiz 3

Midterm Questions

MidTerm Solution