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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Advantages of Electrical Energy

transmission-of-electrical-energyIn the present age, electricity is essential for everyone and everything.  Whether industrial, commercial, agricultural or domestic, it is considered a most obedient and faithful servant of man.  This is because electrical energy has various advantages as compared to any other form of energy, whether mechanical thermal or chemical energy.  Some of the main advantages of electricity are:

  1. Economical :   Taking into consideration the factor of utilization, ie. due to less wastage, electrical energy is economical

  2. Cleanliness : Due to absence of fuel  electrical appliances provides cleanliness

  3. Pollution :  Due to absence of flue gases, soot, etc., there is no pollution of the atmosphere.

  4. Control : The electric supply and devices using electrical energy, can be controlled easily and effectively.

  5. Quickness : Electrical energy is ready for use and no time is needed for preparation

  6. Maintenance    : Appliances using electrical energy are robust, smaller in size and need little maintenance.

  7. Illumination  :  The light provided by a bulb or fluorescent tube is greater than the light obtained from a candle, kerosene lamp or petromax.

  8. Magnet : Electromagnets are more stronger and powerful than other magnets

  9. Heating of non-conducting materials :  Uniform heating of non-conducting materials such as bones, drying textiles, etc., is possible only with the help of electrical energy.

  10. Storage battery etc.: Electrical energy has made it possible to have electroplating, electrotyping and storing electricity in the form of chemical energy in storage batteries.
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