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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MATLAB Script - Loop Control Part 1

In this lecture we will discuss about another flow control method – Loop control. A loop control is used to execute a set of commands repeatedly The set of commands is called the body of the loop.

MATLAB has two loop control techniques 
  1. Counted loops - executes commands a specified number of times. 
  2. Conditional loops - executes commands as long as a specified expression is true.
The counted loops are called ‘for’ loop and the conditional loops are called ‘while’ loop. The keyword “end” is used to show the end of a Loop.

For loop is used when the numer of iteration is known. FOR Repeats for specified number of times ALWAYS executes computation loop at least once. For loop creates a vector of the variable defined in the command and execute the body of the loop for all the values of the vector. 

The while- loop used when the number of loop iterations is unknown. Number of iteration is controlled by a condition. The condition is tested in each iteration and stop looping when it is false. While loop will execute the body of loop ONLY if while condition is met. 

Both Scripts and functions also allow to loop using for and while loops. 

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