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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Basic Electricity Quiz 1

1. Resistance of a material not depending on
    one of these

2. The resistance between the opposite faces of a meter cube of a material is called
    Temperature coefficient
    one of these

3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a parallel circuit?
    Branch currents are additive
    owers are additive
    onductances are additive
    oltages are additive

4. Voltage across a short circuit will be
    one of these


5. Two resistors of 10 ohm each are connected in series across a 10 V supply. What will be voltage across each resistors


6. Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature coefficient


7. Which of the following statement is true both for a series and parallel dc circuit?
    Branch currents are additive
    owers are additive
    onductances are additive
    oltages are additive


8. A coil has a resistance of 100 ohm at 900C and at 1000C resistance is 101 ohm. The temperature coefficient of the wire at 900C is


9. You have to replace a 1500-ohm in a circuit. But have no 1500-ohm resistor but have several 1000 ohms, which you would connect?
    Three in parallel
    hree in series
    wo in parallel
    wo in parallel and one series

10. Two wires A and B have same cross-section made of same material. Ra = 600 ohm, Rb = 100 ohm. The number of times A is longer than B is

11. Three 10 ohm resistors are connected in delta. If this is transformed to a star what will be the resistance of each branch?
    10 Ohm
    10/2 Ohm
    10/3 Ohm
    30 Ohm


12. Kirchhoff’s current law is applicable to only     Closed loops in network
    Junctions in a network
    Electronic circuits
    Electric circuits

13. KVL is concerned with
    IR drops
    Battery emf
    unction volt
    oth A & B

14. The algebraic sign of an IR drop is primarily dependent on the
    Amount of current flowing through it
    Value of R
    Direction of flow of current
    Battery connection

15. The following formula is used to calculate the total resistance R of a parallel circuit?

16. What is the formula for Ohm’s law?


17.The resistance of a wire will double if we double the

18. A voltage of 100 V is applied to a circuit of resistance of 10 ohms, the power the dissipated by the resistance will be
    100 Watts
    500  Watts
    1000 Watts
    1500 Watts


19. Power taken by a resistance of 20 ohms with a flow of 10 A current is

20. When the high resistance is connected in parallel with a low resistance, the combined resistance is
    igher than the lower resistance
    ower than the higher resistance
    etween the value of high and low resistance
    ess than the lower resistance

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